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The Cotonea organic seal – a commitment

The cotton for Cotonea is produced in regions with enough precipitation and is ecologically farmed and harvested by hand. All purchasing prices are negotiated with the farmers. Fair working conditions and high quality standards apply unreservedly for the Cotonea projects in the cultivation countries as well as for all Cotonea suppliers.

Organic cotton: without pesticides, genetic engineering or artificial fertiliser

The organic production of cotton does not use chemical or synthetic fertiliser, plant protecting agents and genetically engineered seeds. Organic cotton is still a rare raw material in comparison with the world cotton production.

Fair purchasing prices, wages and working conditions, fair participation – for all

Cotonea treats everyone involved in the production process with respect. All manufacturing sites are regularly reviewed by an independent certification body.

Produced according to IVN BEST guidelines

Only natural textiles that meet the highest ecological and socially responsible criteria in all production steps from spinning, weaving and finishing to tailoring are awarded the IVN BEST label. Proof has to be supplied. Products may not contain problematic substances.

» IVN BEST - The worldwide highest standard!

Products pose no health hazard

Conventionally produced cotton products are intensively treated with hazardous chemicals which can come into contact with the skin: the skin of the farmers, the workers and the buyer. Cotonea products made from organic cotton do not come into contact with dubious or toxic substances at any time during cultivation or in the production process. The healthy cotton from Cotonea can be safely enjoyed.

Suitable for people suffering from allergies

Cotonea products made from organic cotton are genetically unengineered and do not contain any hazardous substances or chemicals. Even people suffering from allergies can trust Cotonea .

Durable. Long-lasting. Sturdy.

The durability of a natural product is dependent on high quality raw materials and careful production. Cotonea uses quality businesses in Europe for spinning, weaving, refining and tailoring. The mechanical treatment is gentle on the textiles. Only that which remains beautiful for a long time is also sustainable.